Ways to Make Yourself Feel Better When You’re Feeling Blah

Do you ever have those days where you just feel kind of bored with the monotony of life? Like when your energy is basically non-existent and you aren’t motivated to do anything. Or when, for no particular reason, you feel frumpy and frustrated. How do you snap out of it? Whether you’re getting through a break-up, having a bad day, you’re a mom who’s been busy caring for everyone else, or you just need a pick-me-up, here’s a few of my favorite ways to fight the funk when it rears its ugly head.

nailsPaint your nails –Simple and barely costs a thing. Painting your nails is an easy way to add a little vibrancy on those days you’re feeling dull. It’s such a great way to pamper yourself. It doesn’t take up too much time and whatever fun color you pick will last a few days.

Try a face mask – Again, so easy and cheap! You can buy a one-time face mask for $1 – $8 or you can even make your own at home! Afterward your skin will be silky smooth and you can put your best face forward!

Take a bubble bath – Are you noticing a theme here? A good soak with some scented salts is a fantastic way to sooth your soul. That time in the tub gives you time to relax and reset, giving you a fresh perspective.

Wear sexy underwear – Go ahead. Giggle all you want, but I’m serious. Slipping on some silky or lacy lingerie is an instant way to boost your confidence and make yourself feel sexy. No one ever has to know. Fancy panties aren’t for anyone else but you so pick a style that makes you feel pretty and poised.

knitLearn a new skill – Sometimes when we lack motivation it’s basically because we’re bored with the things we usually do. So, teach yourself how to do something new. Thanks to Youtube and Pinterest, I have learned how to braid hair, crochet, apply make-up so I don’t look like a cross between a French whore and a clown, correct my running form, learn new songs, make flower arrangements, make my own candy, and the list goes on. You could also check out a free class at a local art store, library, or community center. When you learn something new, not only are you stimulating yourself but you’re giving yourself another life skill. Not to mention it’s a great feeling to have that “Ah-ha!” moment when everything clicks together.

Go for a hike – This one will take a little effort. Yes, you will have to put pants on. However, I can promise you that I have never gone on an outdoor adventure and wished I hadn’t. Fresh air, mild exercise, and new scenery can be just the change of pace you need to adjust your outlook on life.

Watch your favorite movie – You know that movie you could watch over and over and never get sick of? It’s time to pop it in the DVD player. My picks? When I need a good sing along/cry at the end movie I watch Moulin Rouge or West Side Story. If I need to laugh, I watch Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion or Saved. And then of course, there’s the horribly cheesy, inspirational Center Stage. Ok, so I like a lot of movies. The point is, sometimes taking that 90 minute time-out to relax and watch something you enjoy is just the reset you need to get past that pessimism.

pretty-woman-in-field-820477_640Dance it out – In the words of James Brown, “Get up offa that thing, and dance ’till you feel better!” It’s really hard to stay in a bad mood when you’re dancing. You can put on whatever kind of music you are in the mood for and just let it out. Plus, it’s really fun.

Check your diet – Ok, so I’ll be the first to admit that when I’m feeling a little down I want junk food. Bring on the pizza, mac ‘n cheese, chocolate and ice cream! Honestly though, none of it is doing me any favors and usually it only makes me feel worse and even more lethargic. Perhaps it’s those poor food choices that are making us feel this way in the first place. When you feel blah, ask yourself am I getting enough vegetables? Am I eating too much sugar? Am I getting enough iron? Try a healthier choice and see if it helps boost your energy.

I know that it can be a challenge to even get out of bed on the days when you feel blah. Next time you’re having one of those days, I encourage you to try something on this list. You may surprise yourself.

Don’t Lose Your Spirit, Little One

My littlest started kindergarten a couple weeks ago. I was able to hold it together as my pintsized free-spirit skipped off to class in her pink princess cowgirl boots. I was a proud mom, delighted that my girl was confident enough to enthusiastically begin the school-year. It was such a happy and exciting moment for us. In the back of my mind I was thinking, “I hope she never loses that.” I hope she never loses that confidence or her enthusiasm for new experiences.

My daughter is fearless. Okay, maybe not fearless, but if there aren’t any spiders in the room, she is fearless. She has rarely ever been afraid to try something new. She will taste funny-looking foods. She will jump as high as she can on a trampoline. She will cover herself head to toe with dirt and delight in it. She will scale the side of a mountain on all fours through the tricky part of a trail. She does all of this in a way that encourages whoever is with her to be just as bold.


Not only is she fearless, but she is strong. An eight mile hike ain’t got nothin’ on my petite beast. My husband and I used to refer to her as “Hank the Tank” because she’s so tough. If she falls, she gets right back up. If she doesn’t get something right the first time, she’ll try again. If she’s not sure about why you’re asking her to do something, she will question you. If I’m being honest, sometimes that seems like more of a curse, but trust me. It’s a blessing.

She is so compassionate too. She is always considerate of others and their feelings. She is a friend to everyone. She forgives and doesn’t hold grudges. She’s an amazing, bright sparkle of hope for a world that is growing dull and bitter.

I pray that God will guard her heart as she gets older and starts to realize how cruel people can be. I hope she never has to hear the whispers of other girls talking about her instead of to her. I hope that she never questions how beautiful she is. I hope she never values the opinion of someone else so much that it makes her deny who she is. I pray that she won’t be broken to then be remolded into an empty shell, void of the dreams and extraordinary imagination that she carries with her now.


I think no matter how big she gets I will always see her as a bare-footed, crazy-haired blur of movement. I’ll think of her sloppy kisses and her irresistible cuddles that I know won’t always be offered. I have big hopes for this tiny soul. I hope I can encourage her, protect her, and comfort her. I hope I can build her up when she feels like others are trying to tear her down. I hope she will command respect and be respectful to others. I hope she will speak her mind. I hope she will take risks. I hope she will love. I hope she will soar.


Rainy Days Don’t Get Me Down

It has been a rainy few days for us here in Colorado Springs. I don’t mind the rain at all. I find the soft, rhythmic pitter-patter and the low rumbling of thunder soothing. I know. I’m a total weirdo. Maybe it’s because for the majority of the year Colorado is exceedingly sunny, but I actually like when the sun hides behind the clouds. This time of year the gray sky accentuates all of the green grassy foothills, the bluish-purple mountains, the bright, fiery orange and yellow wildflowers, and the freshly capped snow-white mountain tops. The landscape’s luscious colors make me feel like I’m in a fairy tale.

The gloomy skies  can make a lot of people melancholy, but I know there are also people who share my love for rainy days. For me, rainy days relate to rest and relaxing forms of recreation. I am very partial to cozying up on the couch with a thick blanket, a book, and a cup a joe or shamelessly indulging in a Netflix binge. IMG_4822The dog really loves it too.
I love joining my kids to put together a puzzle while munching on popcorn or staring out the window to watch a raindrop race. Or who can forget the all-time favorite rainy day activity, NAPPING! Haha, just kidding. I do have kids after all.

Stormy evenings tend to stir the baker in me. I mean, sweet treats go hand in hand with that cozy blanket set up I was just talking about, right? Baking is the one area that I rarely do any kind of advanced planning for. I do this on purpose. I don’t like to have a ton of sweets on hand because I have a pretty uncontrollable sweet-tooth. If I know something is there, it is very hard for me to restrain myself. My youngest child has the same problem. So, I simply don’t keep sweets readily available all that often. However, when the mood strikes I will rummage through the pantry and see what I can whip up.

This has turned out to be a pretty effective strategy for limiting how many sugary treats we’re consuming and also for how much money I spend on sweet indulgences.  Since I use what we already have on hand, I’m not letting what’s in the pantry go to waste. I’m also not regularly spending money on specialty ingredients. I have no qualms about intentionally buying special ingredients when I need to, but if I’m simply satisfying my own craving for something sweet, I don’t feel that it’s essential.

Using what I have on hand not only supplements the savings, but it also encourages me to be creative. I get a little excited when I can take to Pinterest with the purpose of finding a new recipe to try. Sometimes I’ll even skip the search completely and just throw things together, toss it in the oven, cross my fingers and hope for the best. It usually turns out really well. Usually.

Another personal benefit to baking on a chilly, drizzly day is that the oven warms up the house and makes it smell amazing! A toasty home combined with the euphoric scent of freshly baked goodies? Yes, please! The comfort food, delicious smells, and extra snuggle time with my family, fur-baby included, make those otherwise glum days something really sweet. Those rainy days definitely don’t get me down.

What are your favorite ways to spend a rainy day without spending any money? Leave a comment to share your ideas or send a recipe!